JP – Palm Beach, FL (6 Month Coaching)
After losing my first born son serving in the US Army to the war in Iraq, losing my mother and my father, and weathering a divorce from a woman I would have sworn to God would never leave me all in a period of a little less than three years, I found myself dead inside. I suffered from severe PTSD, I was completely introverted from pain, I was hurting, hating, loathing and dying inside every second of every day. I walked around literally unconscious like this for almost ten years. I had lost all hope and self confidence, all trust in mankind, and truly just wanted to die. I went from having the world by the proverbial balls in terms of financial wealth, and security, to a broke, and broken 55 year old man with absolutely no idea how to cope or start over. I was lost.
A close friend I had known for years told me a little about his experience with something called Tantra. I begrudgingly looked it up, and however skeptical I may have been I decided that the peace and tranquility it spoke of was of interest to me. I looked around locally and came across a picture of maybe the most beautiful honest smile I had ever seen. Enter Casaundra Landress.
This woman, her love, her tenderness, her truth, her honesty, her eerily accurate vision of this world has not only saved my life it has forever changed my life. Her wisdom of the world and her insight into matters of the heart and mind are far beyond her years. I believe that she is truly blessed with a gift that is not really even in her control. She simply is the best. She is a healer in ever imaginable way. She is peace, she is hope, she is love. She is straight up one hundred the real deal.
The short version…In the last year I have spent with Casaundra I have lost almost 50 lbs. I’m back in the gym, I am happy and feeling positive again. I went back to school and have started a new business, and my heart is once again open and alive. I am ready to find love again and positive that I have more than enough left for whoever comes my way. I feel free again. I have hope again!!!!!!!!
If you’re hurting, if you’re lonely, if you can’t seem to find your way, I encourage you to give Tantra a real try. Not half way, all the way. I also encourage you to not even consider anyone other than Casaundra Landress. She is a true healer and a true Goddess with a true gift from God. She saved my life.