STRIPTEASE – Heather Hundhausen – Womens Self Love and Empowerment Coach.

“Casaundra’s “strip tease/learn to dance class” did so much more than give me a few pointers on how to turn on my partner. I gained an extreme sense of confidence, which primarily came from watching the other participants. Watching the other women all move their bodies so differently, and sensually, gave me permission to express my own sensuality. We live in a culture of “get it done quick” and that applies for many in the bedroom as well. This class taught me to have patience with myself. To explore my body. To move slowly. As I watched the other women, I wanted them to slow down and feel confident. This allowed me the space to do that. And the results with my lover were so intense, he was actually shaking from the suspended pleasure. Thank you Casaundra for your guidance and wisdom. I gained so much more than a couple of sexy moves. I’m reclaiming my divine femininity and sexuality. The creative power that is my divine essence, and this class was an amazing addition to that”