Alan – Jupiter, FL  (4 sessions)

Remember when we were kids playing “trust exercise”? One person would face forward eyes closed; the other would be standing right behind. The first person would start falling backwards the second would catch the first who was falling. It was a lesson in trust a bonding of friendship

Imagine if there was a person  that could catch you when you were falling; A place where you can feel safe to be yourself.
Whatever Tantra means to you; to me Tantra is a trust exercise.

For me the person I trust is Casaundra Hope
For me the place is Purrzee Studio

Time in the studio is magical, medicinal, mysterious, sensual, cathartic, spiritual and loving. Casaundra is gifted in her ability to “dial in” to what is causing ones stress or issue.She is wise intuitive caring and beautiful. She has changed my life for the better; I am positive she will do the same for you.

Close your eyes
Fall back
Let Casaundra catch you
You will be grateful you trusted yourself to her arms

Jupiter FL