Sponsor a Goddess!

Hello loving Gods,
Thank you for your support!
I meet so many women who are in such need of healing for their sexual traumas. These women have suffered rape, molestation and many other forms of sexual abuse. My goal is to rise into a space of healing for these women so they can receive passion and pleasure back into their lives. The problem is, most of these women are unable to afford healing even at my discounted rates. Im asking you to donate to their healing. Please help me with their healing by sponsoring a goddess! 😍
Any amount helps! But to give you an idea, most goddesses are in need of multiple sessions typically costing 1000.00 to cover the work they so desperately need (this gives her 5 one hour sessions in our one on one setting plus 5x 30 minute coaching calls).
Our Gods supporting our Goddesses is at the core of tantra. In appreciation, you will receive a free session for every 500.00 donation. Thank you for your loving support!

Donation link:


Once you donate, no need to do anything else. I am notified of your donation. As soon as the donations reach an amount that can sponsor a goddess (minimum 400.00). My goddess will be notified and start her healing.