The following events are held by Purrzee or hosted by Casaundra Hope. Please follow me on facebook for event updates and times, or contact me find out when the events are happening.


Men Only Tantra Workshop

Early registration 45.00  – Day of 55.00

This workshop is for our loving men only. Men, ever wonder what this tantra stuff is all about? I’m sure you have all sorts of questions. Casaundra and Lina are here to answer all your questions and guide you on how tantra can enhance your life.
Here are some topics we will be addressing:

What is mindfulness/meditation?
How can I be more intimate and connected?
How can tantra make me a better lover?
Can tantra help me last longer?
On the healing end – We will discuss how tantra helps heal anxiety, depression, shame, trauma and how it can help you make more MONEY!

Learn how to be more connected in every aspect of your life.

We will discuss topics such as prostate massage, BDSM, kink, fetish, locating the G-spot and clitoris, what can you do on that first kiss that will have her immediately wanting your body on hers. We will talk openly about any topics that may come up for you.

We will show you how to touch using the 5 elements of air, water, fire, earth and energy.

We will also be offering a special for our one-on-one sessions for the men attending the workshop. Please come into our sacred space where we will share the secrets to being a better lover and living a fulfilled life!


Tantra Healing Goddess Gathering

25.00 (Come with a friend and you each pay 20.00)

Join me as we go through a journey to awaken the sexual energy inside. Break through limiting beliefs. Be seen and hold space to see your fellow goddesses.

Sorry gentlemen, this one is just for the ladies.

This is a women only gathering where we will us the power of Tantra to help you break through and heal from what may be holding you back from uncovering your true authentic self. A woman in her full shakti has power to accomplish anything. Lets open up your goddess power!

Due to the willing nature of tantra to be an open sexually creative expression, i will tell you that there is no nudity but there will be one practice that can be done topless if you feel inclined. (NOT REQUIRED).

We will dance, share, be ourselves and GROW!

What to bring? ~ Wear comfortable clothing. I suggest wearing or bringing a small tank top or sports bra for one part of the event. (unless topless is comfortable for you)



189.00 **Price is PER COUPLE**
Learn the intimate art of sensual touch! This event will bring your relationship to a new level. Learn new ways, through touch, to create more love and intimacy in your relationship.
You and your partner will be taught proper massage techniques for a satisfying and sensual experience.
We will bring the massage education throughout the whole body incuding…..(yes down there 😉)
After learning the massage in a comfortable fully clothed setting you can practice to your comfort level in our private massage rooms.
We end our experience in a love devotional ceremony.

Please PM for any questions.
Partners are needed for event. Please bring a partner you are comfortable with on an intimate level.

Bring blankets and pillows to create a comfortable space. Bring water and light snack.
Limited to the first 6 couples
189.00 per couple.


Sulrty Goddess Gathering: 

Cost 25.00 (Returning students 10.00)

Women Only….Striptease at Purrzee!

As women we own a sensual and sexual power that many times gets tucked away.
Together we will unleash as we go through a journey that will allow you to get comfortable, open up, and experience what power lies within you.
Feel liberated as you explore what has been in you all along!!

The goal at Purrzee, is to teach you how to step into your own God given seductress through tantric movement to open up the door of your sexiness. After we get to know each other and warm up, you are then taught the moves. You will own your seductress-self in an optional stage performance, with your classmates as the audience. Again this is optional, never required. You will leave class feeling sexy and confident. With practice, these embodied feelings will follow you through your day to day life improving your confidence and all over well-being.

Please bring bottled water, a yoga mat or a pillow to sit on. Wear comfortable clothing. Also bring a sarong or special striptease outfit if you like.



Lets Talk Tantra! ♡ with Casaundra and Lina:


Let’s Talk Tantra!!
Intimate group conversation with Dakinis – Casaundra and Lina.

Ask and share deeply burning questions you just can’t ask anyone about sexuality, intimacy, sensuality and more.

Our hope for you is to shine some light on the mystics of tantra, as well as provide you with some education, tools and exercises to understand better your own sexuality through tantric lens.

We create a safe and comfortable space where we can connect and just be who we are in trust, surrender and love. Come with an open mind and heart to talk about sex and how tantra can play a huge part in your daily experiences when it comes to intimacy, connection, mastery of your energy, expansion and more.

We will start with fun tantric games to build a high vibe atmosphere leading into deep discussions, where you can ask us anything, even the most secret questions about sex. Our goal here is to demystify taboos around our sexuality and bring more clarity and awareness to this most powerful life force energy.

We will end this journey with a free form dance, accompanied by juicy beats of ecstatic music. Let yourself go. Feel alive. Just be.

Bring a pillow or yoga mat to sit on, as well as a bottle water if you like.

$$This event is by donation. There is no set price.$$