Awakening Tantric Ecstasy (2 hour)

This session takes approximately 2 hours. 350.00

This session will break you out of the fog of everyday life to renew your energy for a more fulfilling existence. Bringing our sexual energy up into our heart center, we unleash your body’s full orgasmic potential. Raise your vibration with this method that will bring you more connected to your body and the universe.

This session is ideal for anyone curios about what tantra is. Issues that many times are addressed in these sessions are Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, Vaginal Numbness or Dryness.

Included in this session: Full body massage with trigger point therapy, Eye gazing with heart to heart breathing, Crystal bowl and bell sound therapy, Aroma therapy and with sage and essential oils, Visualization for optimal energy movement, Lingam massage