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Curious about kink, fetishes, BDSM or swinger lifestyle? Or, do you just want to learn how to be a better lover? We start with a foundation in tantra and from there, we launch into whatever direction best suits you.

We will work together to tap into your deepest desires. By unleashing your sexual energy, we open up your ability to feel confident and powerful in EVERY aspect of your life. Through my experience and resources I assist you in working through your feelings surrounding your connection to yourself, the world and your sexuality. There is never any judgement. Learn how tantra can liberate your kundalini energy to bring you deeper into your body. Learn about boundaries, Yes meaning Yes, No meaning No, asking for what you want, communicating desires with a voice of love….learn how to feel empowered in your life again! 

In most western countries the word Tantra has been getting a bad rap, since it’s seen as primarily a sexual act. But the true purpose of Tantra is to transform, awaken and increase awareness of the Divine. By stimulating the senses through special tantra massage techniques, sound, movement, aroma, breathe and visualization, we are able to bring about a sense of liberation and heightened spiritual awareness in you. From here, you get to see your sex and sexuality as the sacred energy it is as I I become your catalyst to liberate your life.


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