About Casaundra

42675019_10217740660736880_6391973456090497024_nBy the time I was 20 I was a divorced single mother of 3 who had already suffered from molestation and rape. Needing money to care for my kids (because their father was running from paying child support) I turned to exotic entertainment. During that time I found a way to lift my self worth and give my children a life they deserved through erotic dance.

Although I left the industry in 2006 and launched into corporate America, along the way I was met with much opposition from my past as an exotic dancer. This constant opposition, along with my own struggle with the sexual trauma of my past, eventually lead me into depression from shame and guilt, and eventually, near fatal alcoholism.


Determined to get better, I picked myself up and got sober in 2014. Since then I have begun paving the way for judgement free self expression.

Knowing that the harsh judgement from others nearly drove me to fatal self destruction, I learned how to confidently push societal and religious rules on self love for the feminine and masculine.

After years of education and practice with Energetic Healing and Tantra, I now offer classes, workshops and one on one sessions for women and men who are also ready to heal from guilt, shame and trauma.

No matter what issues you intend to face, it will be done so with mutual respect and free from judgement.

So, tell me, what are you ready to release?