What is Tantra?

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I get asked this all the time! And my answer is different every time, depending on who I am talking to.

Tantra brings connection and intimacy into your whole world! For some, they take on a little and others practice as a way of living.

Tantra’s meaning is all about your needs and where you want to take it. But to try to simplify and give you a better understanding, lets use a more commonly understood practice like meditation.

Meditation is all about the breath, mind and body. We place the body in a comfortable position and begin to relax the mind with our breath. But if someone asked you “What is meditation?” it would be hard to draw a picture for them. Some use meditation to relax and calm the mind. Some use meditation for physical health. Some use it for focus and stamina. Again, that’s just the beginning.

Tantra is to intamacy what meditation is to sanity. Tantra includes breath work, body work (specific types of touch and massage), sound and movement.

If you want to learn more, look up a local Tantra practitioner in your area. Attending workshops or classes is a great way to be introduced to Tantra.

I would like your take on the question “What is Tantra?”. Leave a comment with your answer.

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Below are articles I have found that I enjoy on the subject of tantra:




5 thoughts on “What is Tantra?

  1. My favorite quote is, “Tantra is to sex what meditation is to sanity…” HAHAH! I’m feeling a little insane today, thank you for reminding me to meditate!
    What is Tantra? Tantra is deep intimate connection with myself, god and my partner. Tantra taught me to bring God into my sex life and leave my shame behind. It taught me to look into myself and someone else. It taught me that pleasure goes far beyond the physical.


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