Through breath, sound, movement, visualization and bodywork we create a journey for you to travel through.

At the end of this journey you will have found new awakening into self-love, self-confidence and self-mastery.






In most western countries the word Tantra has been getting a bad rap, since it’s seen as primarily a sexual act. But the true purpose of Tantra is to transform, awaken and increase awareness of the Divine. By stimulating the senses through special tantric massage techniques, a Tantric Goddess is able to bring about a sense of liberation and heightened spiritual awareness in the individual.

By liberating suppressed energy a Tantra Goddess can help one awaken the Kundalini Serpent and attain union with the Divine Energies of the Universe.


Apart from the spiritual aspects Tantra Massages can also help unblock repression and liberate an individual from unconscious stress.



Sound Healing

crystal bowlsVibration is believed to affect your body’s functions, such as blood pressure and breathing. Vibroacoustic therapy uses audible sound vibrations to improve health and reduce stress.



Do you long to feel a deeper connection with yourself and with others? Do you wish to bring more prosperity into your life? Are you holding on to old ideas you want to be free from? You know you deserve more but don’t know how to get there! We will work together to release the past emotions holding you back. We will rebuild and together we will unleash your true authentic self. men

Join me on your personally tailored session. Together, with conscious connected therapy, we will break through what stops you from being your completely fulfilled self.



Have you lost that connection? Looking to fall back into the love you once shared? Do you want to build on your love for each other?

Allow me to help guide you back into love, connection and communication. Bring back the spark and ignite your passion for each other!

Couples sessions are guaranteed to bring you closer and into more intimacy in just one session., or its free!

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