We all own a sensual and sexual power that many times gets tucked away.

Together we will unleash as we go through a journey that will allow you to get comfortable, open up, and experience what power lies within you.

Feel liberated as you explore what has been in you all along!

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In most western countries the word Tantra has been getting a bad rap, since it’s seen as primarily a sexual act. But the true purpose of Tantra is to transform, awaken and increase awareness of the Divine. By stimulating the senses through special tantric massage techniques a Tantric Goddess or God is able to bring about a sense of liberation and heightened spiritual awareness in the individual.

By liberating suppressed sexual energy a Tantra Goddess can help one awaken the Kundalini Serpent and attain union with the Divine Energies of the Universe. One way of reaching the higher planes of consciousness is through the Union of Shakti and Shiva (The Male and Female aspects of the Divine).

Apart from the spiritual aspects Tantra Massages can also help unblock sexual repression and liberate an individual from unconscious stress. Many of us have been taught by our parents and other authority figures (religious or secular) that sex is somehow “dirty” or “unclean” while growing up. This image is especially projected to young females which can in many cases lead to problems with intimacy later in life.

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Dominatrix AKA Dark Tantra

Many of us have done it! We want to try something new, so we go to the adult store and spend a couple hundred dollars on some leather and latex. We come home with the idea that these new toys will ignite our love life! You have a little fun figuring out how this stuff works but in the end, it get stored in your “naughty closet place” never to be used again.

Come satisfy your curiosity. In my private sessions I can teach you how to balance that pleasure and pain. When life is crazy and we just don’t want to make one more decision or take on one more responsibility, you can sit back and let me take all that power away from you.

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Strip Tease Classes

The goal at Purrzee, is to teach you how to step into your own God given seductress. Through tantric movement, we open up the door of your sexiness. You are then taught foundation moves and sexy add on moves. You will then own your seductress-self in an optional stage performance, with your classmates as the audience. Again this is optional, never required. You will leave class feeling sexy and confident. With practice, these embodied feelings will follow you through your day to day life, improving your all over well-being.



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